Therapy Team

The Sundial therapists work together as a multi-professional autism therapy team by sharing their expertise to ascertain the therapy needs of autistic individuals.
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Therapy team
Our therapy team

At Sundial our autism therapy team are passionate about our work with the therapy needs of autistic individuals.

We think our dedicated and diverse professional therapists, working as a team, give our clients access to the whole team who in turn can offer a consistency in communication between all involved.

As well as this our service development is greatly improved allowing us to offer a greater range of therapy.

Our team approach increases the coordination assessment findings in relation to the need of the individual and allows scope for person-entered goals.

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Nico - Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

Kevin Collier - Speech and Language Therapist

Kevin Collier
Speech and Language Therapy

Kelly Redfern
Occupational Therapist

Hanna Orman

Hannah Orman
Occupational Therapist

Karen Griffin

Karen Griffin
Occupational Therapist Assistant

Laura Blair

Laura Blair
Therapy Assistant

Speech and Language Therapist Rebecca Switonski

Becky Switonski
Speech and Language Therapist

Haley Johnson - Speech & Language Therapist

Haley Johnson
Speech and Language Therapist


The different types of therapy we offer that help benefit autistic individuals both educationally and emotionally.

Our therapy practices include: highly trained dogs, equine assisted, music, occupational therapy as well as several other highly specialised offers.