About Sundial

At Sundial we believe in independence for autistic individuals whatever the time of day.

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Sundial - Specialised autism therapy, assessment and intervention
Sundial vision and mission

Our vision is to fully engage and support independence for autistic individuals and complex needs, sharing our values with the wider community.

Students discovered numbers that formed part of a human sundial hidden under the lawn whilst creating a sensory garden in the school grounds.  Demonstrating to students how to use sunlight to cast their individual shadows in relation to the time of day was the inspiration for the name of our service.


Sundial provides integrated and targeted direct therapy for Wargrave House School & College.

Our vision and mission - independence for individuals with autism

At Sundial our autism therapy team are passionate about our work with the therapy needs of autistic individuals.

We think our dedicated and diverse professional therapists, working as a team, give our clients access to the whole team who in turn can offer a consistency in communication between all involved.