About Sundial

Sundial is part of the Remarkable Group and provides therapy support for Wargrave House School and Ascent College.

We are also able to offer some outreach support.

We are also able to offer some outreach support in the form of training and transition pathways.

Sundial - Specialised autism therapy, assessment and intervention
Sundial vision and mission

Our vision is to fully engage and support independence for autistic individuals and complex needs, sharing our values with the wider community.

At Sundial our therapy team are passionate about supporting the students and learners we work with to achieve the things that are important to them. We work collaboratively with individuals, families and other professionals. We are also able to offer some outreach support.

Our vision and mission - independence for individuals with autism
How we work

The Sundial Team works collaboratively as a multi-disciplinary team, often planning and delivering jointly with other therapists and with education staff. At Wargrave House School and Ascent College therapy informs teaching, and teaching informs therapy, so individual learning needs are met. Shared person-centred therapy targets ensure a cohesive, consistent practice in meeting learning needs outlined in Education, Health and Care Plans.

The Sundial team works closely with families/carers, external multi-disciplinary teams and the wider community, providing advice, support and sign-posting.

The therapy team provides a range of training throughout the year such as: induction training for new staff, workshops, whole school/college training, parent workshops/information sessions or bespoke training around individual students and learners.

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