Therapy at Wargrave House School and Ascent College

We offer differing levels of support depending on the individual’s needs.


Input is provided on 3 levels: Embedded, Targeted or Intensive.
Therapy at Sundial

All individuals will receive embedded level input from the therapy team. This will be provided in the following ways:

  • Advice and guidance for staff and home regarding support strategies.
  • Target setting for embedded work.
  • Monitoring progress.
  • Time in the individual’s environment modelling strategies and approaches.
  • Staff training, include bespoke package where required.
  • Contribution to progress meetings, annual review and debriefs.
  • Providing aids and adaptations with guideline on safe use.
  • Consultation on the adaptation of educational resources/curriculum to meet needs of the student.
  • Development and provision of specialist one off interventions and resources
  • One off block of work if required to address specific areas of need.

As well as embedded practice individuals will be supported by the therapy team with periods of targeted direct work in a form that best suits their skills level and specific needs.

  • 1:1 sessions.
  • Small group sessions.
  • Class-based sessions to provide ‘in the moment’ support and coaching, modelling and informal assessment.
  • Community-based support to provide ‘in the moment’ support and coaching, modelling and informal assessment. This will aim to provide strategies and support to generalise skills to community settings.
  • Assessment, both informal and formal in response to changes in presentation.

This is the highest level of input provided by the therapy service and is in place to support those individual requiring regular weekly sessions across the year and working on multiple areas of need simultaneously, to maintain safety and enhancing their participation in education.

Direct input will be provided in the form of both 1:1 and group work dependent on individual need.

The content of sessions may have a similar focus to that of targeted input but the frequency and intensity of sessions will be significantly higher with more regular reviews to ensure progress is being made.

Additional time will be spent class based by members of the therapy team to support transferring of skills and embedding of more complex strategies and approaches.

At this level of support it is likely that individuals may also require more intensive indirect support. This could take the form of more regular MDTs, additional reports, working with other services, more bespoke resources etc.

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