Hanna Orman
Hannah Orman – Occupational Therapist

Hello, my name is Hannah.

When applying to study Occupational Therapy (OT) at University, my ultimate end goal was always to work with autistic children and young people and so I am very pleased to be part of the multi professional Sundial Team.

I have a specific interest in Sensory Integration, having completed my dissertation on this topic, and will be using my expertise and further qualifications in this area to support young people with their sensory needs.

Working with autistic individuals is where my passion lies, as I truly believe in the positive impact that OT can have for the young people, and for their lives going forward. Although it can take time to see tangible benefits, it is always a pleasure to spend this time getting to know the young people, in a way that enables deeper understanding and insight.

This allows our OT provision and bespoke packages of care to be best suited for the individual. Each of their needs and personalities are wonderfully unique, and we always strive to incorporate this knowledge into our approach within Therapy.