Autism Therapy Team lead - Helen Driver Head of Therapy & Clinical Services

Helen Driver – Head of Therapy & Clinical Services

Speech & Language Therapist, BSc (Hons) Speech Sciences, Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Elklan Trainer

With over 30 years of practice and 10 years developing multi professional services I am proud to lead an outstanding team of therapists in developing independent autistic lives. I am a firm believer in providing high quality integrated therapy across education and social settings.

I am highly proficient in helping complex needs/ social emotional needs as well as supporting families/carers/fellow professionals with knowledge of ASD/ social communication difficulties. In addition to heading therapy in specialist settings, I have worked in inclusion, advising on how to support those with ASD in mainstream schools, home educated learners/ youth offenders engage in the community or formal education.

My experience as Director of Specialist Services for a dyslexia association and team teaching in a school for dyslexia/dyspraxia means I understand the importance of specialist intervention for autistic/ neuro diverse individuals experiencing challenges with the development of language /literacy skills.

I have vast experience in training including; as a guest lecturer in a Masters SEN. I have delivered webinars and workshops at conferences. Sharing expertise and research is rewarding and I am pleased to have initiated the SunDIAL Autism Therapy Conference in Merseyside.

Early Intervention is key and the advantage of working in a multi professional team is I can be part of a multi-faceted expert assessment identifying key areas of need so support can be implemented as soon as possible. I embrace the diversity of my job and thoroughly enjoy working with autistic individuals.